Joseph K Paʻahana
The Artwork of Joseph K. Paʻahana
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Castle Park - Night Writer [2018]

Castle Park - Night Writer

Castle Park
MARCH 2018

Castle Park's Kelii Wong, commissioned the creation of a music video for Night Write off their debut EP. We decided to film the subjects with a two tone and rim lighting set up. We coupled this with some city lights and water footage to create an insomniac feel that plays to the loose narrative in the lyrics. I teamed up with my buddy Aaron Yoshino to create this look.

Director: Joseph K. Paʻahana
Editor: Joseph K. Paʻahana
Director of Photography: Aaron Yoshino

Castle Park:
Omega Cix (Lyrisist)
Kelii Wong (Drums)
Sean Ho (Guitarist)
Paul Bajcar (Guitarist)
Dkind (Bassist/Producer)