Joseph K Paʻahana
The Artwork of Joseph K. Paʻahana

ALOHA [2016]


Art after dark : HAWAI‘I IN DESIGN
September 30 2016
Honolulu Museum of Art


Music: FRNT BZNZZ - Theme For Elsimer

Honolulu Museum of Art's Special Events Coordinator Rebecca Barat, commissioned an interactive video installation for the September 30th 2016 ArtAfterDark which coincided with the Hawaiʻi In Design Exhibition.  In collaboration with SPELLS, five polygonal shapes; representative of the five letters of ALOHA, were constructed and suspended in mid-air as a video projection-mapping surface.  A pedestal encased infrared cameras which, enabled software to track hand motion, served a controller enabling attendees the ability to affect various animations with their hands.

A dozen animation types were designed for intuitive control over movement and color.  A mixture of simple and recognizable, with lush and vibrant animations were deployed to allow for diverse audience generated displays. 

Reducing the five letters of ALOHA into basic shapes and extruding them into 3D objects was one part stylistic predilection for the word and one part commentary on the over commercialized and logo like quality the word has popularly taken on.  By giving control to the audience of the visuals, they were able to feel connected to the process of creating new associations to the already beloved, complicated and often misunderstood greeting.

Creative Director: Joseph K Paʻahana
Project Manager: Ken Selders
Audio Engineer: Kevin Sanada
DJs:  Seeko & Kevin Sanada
Photography: Reilyn Yamane
Creative Team: Rod Agai, Marissa Selders & Landon Iwamura