Joseph K Paʻahana
The Artwork of Joseph K. Paʻahana

AltAir X SPELLS Project X001 [2018]

AltAir X SPELLS Project X Part 001

January 04 2019
Hawaii state art museum
[Live visual soundscape]


Photographs courtesy of Brandyn Liu

SPELLS worked with Honolulu based electronic ambient-pop band, AltAir to create a live visual soundscape installation. Created for a short, intense and proximal performance inside a mirror walled room at the Hawaii State Art Museum. With a mixture of naturalistic black and white imagery and colorful geometric patterns we created traveling soundscapes.

Project Manager: Ken Selders
Audio Video Engeneer: Kevin Sanada
Live Visuals: Joseph K Paʻahana

Producer: Brandon Udani
Vocalist: Aly Ishikuni Sasaki